Ten Tips to Creating the Best Kitchen Backsplash Toronto

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kitchen backsplash torontoYour kitchen is the most heavily trafficked area in the home, serving as a warm place for family and friends to congregate with close proximity to food and drink. A well-designed kitchen can sometimes struggle to achieve this kind of positive and beautiful vibe though if the backsplash is not carefully thought about, planned and installed. Tired looking kitchens can be rejuvenated with a simple upgrade to the backsplash. The backsplash receives very little wear making it a great investment for homeowners, and justifies paying for the best kitchen backsplash you can find.
Ten Tips to Creating a Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash
  1. The first step to creating a beautiful backsplash is to decide on the theme you want to achieve. There are many to choose from including country, contemporary and traditional. Additionally, you can blend two styles together to create your own transitional theme.
  2. Determine your budget for the project. While it is generally recommended that you seek something you love first rather than considering price, you should factor in that it will receive very little wear and tear over the years.
  3. Using different materials can really help define areas of the kitchen. For example using some stainless steel behind sinks and tile on the remaining area can really create a unique and beautiful mix.
  4. If you have invested in a beautiful piece of granite for your countertops, consider continuing that material up the wall to use as a backsplash. In recent years, this has become a very common thing and really helps maintain a consistent appearance in the kitchen.
  5. The kitchen backsplash is located at eye level, which means it will receive plenty of attention. However, while this seems to be the obvious thing, most people leave that decision until the end, which is usually not the best idea.
  6. In the same vein as using stainless steel behind sinks, if you are facing a tight budget, use more expensive materials for the focal points such as the stove and sink, and the less expensive material for other places.
  7. There are many different kinds of kitchen backsplash tiles and surfaces. Exploring all of your options is usually the best choice to creating the kind of backsplash you want. The different materials include laminates, ceramics, marble, glass, copper, tin, stainless steel, granite and other varieties of tiles.
  8. Neutral colour palettes are the most commonly demanded style, however adding a bold colour can really create a unique and beautiful backsplash.
  9. Your backsplash is your own, so if there is a unique tile you want to include – perhaps one obtained on a family trip or from a former home, you should include it. It may not match the rest of the tile but it will be more personalized and create a warm feeling every time you see it.
  10. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Contact your neighbours for opinions, a friendly real estate agent, in store help or interior decorators. If you have access to people who have experience with home improvements and backsplashes, use them as a positive resource to creating your beautiful kitchen backsplash.